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In my travels around the world, I figured out that while my eye is the best camera lens* you can have (eat your carrots), my brain does not make great film. (umm, SD card)

I believe that's one reason we all like photography so much...we all want to capture time before it escapes us. 
*ironically, I am fairly blind without glasses, but I have good night and peripheral vision.
When possible, I prefer to shoot on-location with natural lighting to have the most real world feel possible.  No one likes to be flashed...

I have been beyond lucky** that with ex-pat parents, an Italian born (ex) 'partner', my (ex) oil company, my love of FIFA soccer tournaments (if not FIFA itself), and my travel addiction that I have traveled to all six easily habitable continents and over 27 countries.

Combined, I have lived in India for a year (many short trips) and lived in Italy for two years (straight). I have also worked as a full-time seismic sailor (explains some of my vocabulary) for two years in the Gulf of Mexico and Tierra del Fuego.

** Life is like poker, it's 58% luck and 42% skill and hard work.

Ironically, in Austin itself, I get to travel plenty without having to print a boarding pass by  knowing tons of great international ex-pats. So don't think you need a passport and a big wallet to experience the world.

My links on the top have a related progression/business model, as sadly, I do not sell more profitable vices.
First, I take your portraits when your skin is currently great and more toned than it will be 10 years from now (Google "Wear Sunscreen").
You then use them on LinkedIn, OK Cupid, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, flavor of the month social media site.... *Note: Busniess use is a bit pricier.
Then, you make a connection somehow with some random 1 in a billion person.
Then, you go at a memorable concert I might recommend you to experience, as life is all about connections and music/art. (well, food and travel also)
Then, you get hitched and follow your vows for 2 to 62 years (YMMV).
Do a  quick, simple ceremony with just your closest family and friends followed by the best party of your life. I recommend 2 to 80 guests. Believe me, do NOT have a big wedding. I'll tell you why in person. But if your guardian really wants it to invite a small village, I have assistant photographers I've known and trusted for 10+ years on standby.
Then, you start a family. Or maybe not...
Then, you buy a house (or not) and further your career and make lots of money** thanks to your fancy and marketable LinkedIn profile.
Then, you can afford** to fill your cozy city condo and suburban mansion and country cottage with some of my art prints to help me fund my  country of travel.

**Disclaimer: Money does NOT buy happiness. It only takes away financial stresses.

Note: I do not currently take divorce or funeral photos, even though I have actually been asked.  Maybe one day, as both those things are part of life. I guess if the price is right...

Obviously, I will travel for commercial shoots and destination weddings or even if you are wealthy enough to hire a personal photographer, so you don't have to take selfies. I do not accept Sunday morning coupons, but I do give a 4.2% discount if it is somewhere I have never been/I want to go there again.

I have a valid passport, global entry, and speak decent Spanish and Italian. Oddly, no Hindi.

Please contact me for details of photography rates and other services and/or to purchase art prints.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to meeting you in person over a macchiato.
Romen Nile

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Sending or needing lots of details, please email me at :

Message me via Instragram

9am-9pm any day of the week (Central Time).
If I am away from the phone, please leave a message or, better, text me and also let me know the best time to call you back. 
If you have it, I prefer WhatsApp for texting.Then, quickly jumping to phone talking and then sprinting to Face To Face appointments when life and your calendar are conducive to it.
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